I’m Jessica Rowland, the artist and small business owner behind RoweHouse. Inside my little shop, you will find everything from hand-made home décor like quilts and mixed media prints to trendy accessories like handbags and cowls. My love for all things handmade began almost 20 years ago when my grandmother realized I was showing interest in her Sears sewing machine. That summer, she very sweetly taught me how to thread the bobbin and explained that once I proved I could do it alone, she would show me how to stitch.  I can still feel the excitement from that first time the thread made it through the bobbin all on my own. Today, I still sit behind that same machine and although you won’t find the basic appliques we once created by using coloring books as patterns, you will be able to find something beautiful I can make for you. And I would be more than happy to.

This blog supplements my trials as a small business owner as well as the day-in and day-outs of a 20-something professional marketer. I encourage you to follow in hopes that you can take away something inspirational.


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