One of the things that you have to take in to consideration as an artist is that not everyone is going to like everything that you come up with. I was reminded this sometimes brutal truth a few weeks ago when I was super jazzed about a pillow I had been working on. Constantly struggling with what to sell in the shop, I was excited when a few ideas found on pinterest meshed well together in what I thought to be a super cute idea. With a huge smile, I hurriedly snapped a photo and sent it out to my sister, asking if she saw it on the shelves of a store if she would want to purchase it. I had kept the fact that it was a RoweHouse creation for fear of a swayed opinion. She quickly responded, “No.” Then her phone sent the response again. How convenient. There it was for me to see as if I hadn’t comprehended the powerful (and in this case painful) two letter word the first time. Once I had explained that I was trying to find a few new items for the shop, she kindly offered some suggestions that could persuade her into purchasing it and I thanked her for her honesty. I mulled over her candid  reaction for a bit and agreed that some alterations could be made, especially because her ideas involved minor adjustments like colors.

So whats the fate of said pillow? I think I’m going to hold onto it. It will serve as a great reminder that although I loved it, someone else did not.


One thought on “Honesty

  1. I think that’s the hardest part about that creative thing… it’s usually solely based on opinion. There’s never a clear cut yes or no. Just gut reactions and thoughts.

    I have faith in your design, Jess! 😉

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