Shop Talk

Since last weekend’s show, I’ve been slowly filling up the shop with new items. I am so happy with the way its morphing and what it has evolved into. I have this vision of what I want the house to look like and I think after 2 years, its slowwwly getting there. By no means is it there, but I do work 2 other jobs, so I have to keep that into perspective.

One of my absolute favorite items to make are piece quilts. I kid you not, the very first quilt I have ever sewn was to take with me to college. Try and envision 19 year old Jessica, sewing on the back deck, trying to catch some summer rays while balancing the fabric AND machine on a TV tray. No really, #nerdalert But I do really love envisioning how all the pieces would work with each other and the beautiful way they all come together at the end. There is just something so personal about making a blanket for someone. I have made quilts for birthday and Christmas gifts, wedding presents and the always fun… I want a new quilt, so I will make one. We have three just sitting on our couch in our very small apartment. I can assure you, you will never be cold if you come to visit. So it was a no brain-er that I would be making quilts for the shop.  This is when my love for the houndstooth quilt started to grow. Thank you Pinterest! And thanks to the amazingly talented Beth from Foxmeadow Creative and an impromptu photo sesh I sprung on her last minute, my quilt was featured in a Etsy treasury earlier this week. Talk about being on Cloud 9. Beth is also the designer who helped design my logo and informed me of #Festiville. The girl’s got it going on.

I feel so happy with the way things are shaping up over at RoweHouse and although we are starting to get into my busiest season for blankets, I am honestly excited to see what happens. More importantly, I am just so thankful that people love my things as much as I do. I could have never imagined this point of my life and it is truly a fantastic feeling. Thank you.

Want to see the full photoshoot as well as others (believe me, you do!), Like Foxmeadow Creative on Facebook!


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