RoweHouse [weekend edition]

This past weekend, my shop found its way at the center of Festiville. Unfortunately, Ellie and I woke up to pouring down rain at 6am but found our way to #Starbucks, hoping for drier weather. As the last piece of the booth was put together the rain had stopped, the sun came out and ultimately the day turned out to be amazing. We had an awkward a successful interview, a few photo sessions and connected with a few volunteers and sponsors all before making our  very first sale. It is a surreal feeling to see people walk up to your items you’ve made and now love knowing that in their mind they either love it too, hate it or think they could make it themselves. Friends and family stopped by and I couldn’t have felt more loved and supported than I did by the end of the day. I had the opportunity to scope out a few other booths of seasoned show-ers to know what my booth could evolved into, though today I am excited to have taken that first step in putting the RoweHouse name out there and showing what I can create. I couldn’t feel more pleased. To those of you who stopped by the tent, thank you! I cannot express what it means to me. As for what’s to come, it’s promising.

If you missed the show and want to check out some new items, RoweHouse is almost fully stocked up! Would love to do business with ya!


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