Although I will try, words won’t do justice how I feel about Saturday. Alongside Ellie, #rowehouse will move from it’s virtual location to a physical location just for a few hours in Clintonville, Ohio and I am PUMPED. I already claim the title of small business owner, but Saturday I will really feel like a small business owner. Things I have created with my own two hands will go up in a display I imagined in my head and available for people to purchase. What the what. Is this real life? PUMPED.

A very dear friend of mine suggested a few months back that I apply for a booth at an inaugural event called Festiville. Instantly loved the idea and it took me all of 2 seconds to get the necessary requirements together to become a vendor. Wouldn’t you know, we got in and have been feverishly working on items for the last 2 months. And although I couldn’t tell you when the last time I ate or enjoyed some sleep (or a clear face for that matter, hello stress pimples!), I couldn’t be more stressed proud to display. Not only will I be taking orders for custom t-shirt quilts, but I finally get to show off what I really love making… patch quilts! Armed with tips from veteran art show-ers Leonora and Julie Ann, Ellie and I will be camped out at booth 19 right outside Whetstone Rec Center. What’s going to make the day even better is that my grandmother, who taught me how to sew almost 20 years ago, will be traveling down to see me and all of my work. [cue emotions]

Amazing friends and family have been letting me know all week they will be making the trip to our cute little booth and I couldn’t feel more loved. For those still looking for something to do Saturday, #Festiville will absolutely be a good time! 40 fine art and craft vendors, ten live musical acts, local food, kids’ activities! Um, hello.. what more do you need?

Can’t make it this Saturday, don’t worry. New quilts will be going up in the shop soon so be on the look out!


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