One of the things that you have to take in to consideration as an artist is that not everyone is going to like everything that you come up with. I was reminded this sometimes brutal truth a few weeks ago when I was super jazzed about a pillow I had been working on. Constantly struggling … Continue reading


For the past 2 months I have completely thrown myself into various tasks which have left my brain complete mush. Everything from re-working RoweHouse  to house hunting, to custom t-shirt orders to prepping for Festiville on top of my 9-5 job and 15 hours/week part-time job have taken up all of my time.. and then … Continue reading

Those Things

When I graduated college in 2006, I was equipped with my double major from Muskingum and high hopes of landing an ad job. I must have applied to every agency in Columbus before realizing that this wasn’t going to happen for me. I jumped from job to job in order to pay the bills and … Continue reading

Shop Talk

Since last weekend’s show, I’ve been slowly filling up the shop with new items. I am so happy with the way its morphing and what it has evolved into. I have this vision of what I want the house to look like and I think after 2 years, its slowwwly getting there. By no means … Continue reading

RoweHouse [weekend edition]

This past weekend, my shop found its way at the center of Festiville. Unfortunately, Ellie and I woke up to pouring down rain at 6am but found our way to #Starbucks, hoping for drier weather. As the last piece of the booth was put together the rain had stopped, the sun came out and ultimately … Continue reading


Although I will try, words won’t do justice how I feel about Saturday. Alongside Ellie, #rowehouse will move from it’s virtual location to a physical location just for a few hours in Clintonville, Ohio and I am PUMPED. I already claim the title of small business owner, but Saturday I will really feel like a … Continue reading

Welcome Back

So here we go, attempt number 2.  Unfortunately my first round of blogging fizzled many months ago after what I feel was spreading myself a bit to thin. [[For those catching up]] I work 7-5 through the week, I put in 3 days at the Gap plus I own a shop on Etsy. Add in … Continue reading